Da Orks

Ere we go!! Da furst of da posts as gotta be Orks!!!
I've been an Ork player in 40K since as long as I can remember (I think second edition). Anyway this is my long suffering warboss Lug da Loud. He's had several renditions over the years but this is his current mega armoured version. He is converted from Ghazgull's body with a custom built power fist, upgraded motor and armour. Being a speed freek as I am he had to be red obviously.  His ever faithful assistants (more like pets) Crunk and Lunk are on hand to throw insults and their own dung at any nearby enemies.


Welcome to the new and updated Elblondino's Workbench.

I have had the Elblondino site in another guise for donkeys years but stopped doing anything with it many, many moons ago due to life getting in the way. Well over the last year I've changed my life completely with the plan and aim to be self employed again as the Clumsy Pickle which some of you may know is my alter ego as illustrator extraordinaire. I'm not quite there yet but it's definitely moving in the right direction.
Deep down (well not that deep at all really) I will always be a geek and into my miniature making, painting and gaming. With that in mind I thought why not resurrect the old blog and get my work back out there again like I used to. I've also found it increasingly difficult to separate the business from the hobby so this will be a great way to do that.
I do all sorts of different scales, ranges etc. Including Games Workshop, Warlord, Corvus Belli, you name it, and on here I'll try and sh…